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Do we need to own an instrument?
Yes, although not necessary in the first few lessons, you will eventually need to have access to the instrument for daily practise.

What type of guitar do I need and where can I buy it?
A 3/4 size nylon string guitar will suit most primary aged students and they can be picked up from any guitar shop.
Music Junction sells good starters and is on the corner of Whitehorse and Blackburn roads.

What type of keyboard do I need and where can I buy it?
Any 61 key keyboard will suit most beginners needs well. We use the Yamaha E343 model during class. Casio is also a good brand to look at.
Music Junction sells good starters and is on the corner of Whitehorse and Blackburn roads.

What does my child need to bring to class?
Students are provided a book at the start of the course for $25. This should last them around 1 year. In addition to the book, they will be provided extra sheets. Please supply a folder for them to insert this supplementary material. These can be bought from any supermarket or stationary store.
Our best performing students attend each lesson with both their book and their folder.
Keyboards are supplied by us. Guitarists may wish to bring their guitars although there are spares at school for them to use.

What if we miss classes due to illness?
We understand that ‘life happens’, but request you send an email with as much notice as possible to if you are going to miss a lesson due to illness, or for another valid reason (such as school camp). If possible, and enough notice has been given, we will endeavour to organise a make-up lesson for you at a time that is mutually convenient.

Can I pay for individual lessons?
Once you have completed your trial and make a commitment to continue, invoicing begins on a term by term basis in advance of the lessons. Cash can be handed into the school office or there are internet transfer options provided on the invoice.

When and where are the lessons held?
We teach from the Instrumental Room which is accessed from the MPR. Lessons are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The students are picked up from class by us and the timetable is coordinated with the school's specialist timetable so they are not missing any subjects that are only held once per week.

How much do the lessons cost?
There are 3 different types of lessons. Private (one on one) is $36, Shared (2 students in a class) is $25 and Group (up to 5 students) is $16.50. All lessons go for 30 mins.

How much Practice?
The amount of home practice depends on how seriously you are planning to take the instrument. To maintain interest in the instrument a regular practice routine is essential.

30 - 45min per week for a beginner. 45 - 75min for intermediate. 75+min for a very serious player.

It is best to split the practice sessions into small time slots throughout the week instead of doing long sessions over just a few days.

Each practice session can then be split into bite size portions:
Eg. 15 mins broken up into 3 sections
1. Warm up with an easy piece.
2. Focus on the current book song.
3. Finish with any fun riffs or pop songs, or just try making up some of your own songs.

Students who stick to the same routine each week are the ones who progress the fastest.