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The keyboard is an excellent introduction to the world of music. By allowing students to select from hundreds of different instruments and combine them with as many rhythms, the keyboard is both educational and fun! One of the fantastic advantages of keyboards is their capability to generate drum beats and backing tracks which allows students to emerge from the program with both excellent pitch and rhythm. This is a huge bonus when beginning their specialty instrument in secondary school. Students are taught in small groups or individually depending on age with headphones utilised in group classes. This allows students to be paced according to their individual needs. All students are provided with a textbook on their first lesson (small cost added to term fee) which is worked through progressively and covers all the fundamentals of music reading. In addition to this, students have the opportunity to learn their favourite songs by memory which is wonderful for their “musical ear” and gives the student excitement and satisfaction in their playing. There are many opportunities for performance including regular ensemble practice during lesson, school assemblies, community events and an annual concert for parents and friends held near the end of the year. Lessons are held once a week, during normal school hours with all equipment needed for the lesson provided by