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Our Philosophy

Holistic Music Education Through years of experience in music teaching, we have found that, by far, the best results and satisfaction have been achieved through what is now known as holistic music education. Studies have shown that students learn better when they are taught something which is meaningful or important to them. TheMusicPatch does this by not solely focussing on standard notation (old fashioned music schools have often disheartened the young creative mind), but in addition to this base knowledge, encouraging song creation, melody memory, other forms of notation and the learning of familiar/popular songs. This encouragement generates in your child a sense of ownership of the music or a “this is what I do” frame of mind which is so vital in fostering the motivation to succeed. Flexible pacing is the key in this holistic approach because of its attention to the individual students needs. Headphones are used during group lessons, allowing students to feel that they are not rushed into learning new concepts, nor are they held back if they learn concepts quickly. This means students progress at their own rate whilst still enjoying the satisfaction of learning with others and being offered the opportunity to practice as an ensemble. Using these techniques ensures students are introduced to music by means of a gently, natural and inspirational passage which hones in on enjoyment, allowing them to investigate and become curious about advanced music theory in their own time.