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Lloyd Anderson is a dedicated teacher and musician with over 10 years experience teaching, performing and composing music. Lloyd began his teaching career in his home town of Auckland. He taught in a wide range of schools and music institutions. He was also a founding member of the successful teaching business Fencibles Guitar Tuition. Through his many years of experience Lloyd has gained invaluable skills in teaching music to groups and private students of all ages. Since moving to Melbourne, Lloyd’s music education talents have extended to include the authoring of a number of successful music tuition books that are currently in use in a wide range of Victorian primary schools. Lloyd has a natural affinity with young kids, and his passion for music is infectious. His lessons are filled with students who are eager to learn, and Lloyd is able to find the best approach to help each student reach their goals, and beyond. With a young family of his own, Lloyd is a natural at interacting with kids, and he is able to walk the fine line of allowing his students to have fun whilst encouraging within them a dedication to their instrument. Students come out of Lloyd’s lessons with the knowledge, skills and inspiration they need to form a love of playing music.








Denis Phelan is a passionate and experienced teacher who loves sharing the joy of music with his students. He works with individuals and groups helping students to develop their skills and inspiring them to play the music they enjoy. He has been working full time across a range of schools for 5 years, providing weekly lessons in guitar and keyboard. He organizes performances within schools as well as preparing students for AMEB examinations. Working closely with Lloyd from the outset of the Music Patch he has shared the inspiration and ideas behind this new wave of self-employed and self-motivated music teachers.

Denis has a lifelong endeavour in music and has busked, toured and played everything from weddings to funerals. He has learnt how to play many instruments and strives to develop his own unique voice by fusing diverse musical traditions. He has studied at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCE music, classical guitar/piano) Monash

University (Bachelor degree in music performance, classical guitar/jazz guitar/piano/Indonesian gamelan/Indian sitar) He has closely studied piano and it is for him not only a second instrument but also a vital means for composing, arranging and understanding music theory. He is a true multi-instrumentalist with a deep and broad background in classical, jazz, folk and world music. Denis is also an experienced classroom teacher and has a Master of Teaching qualification from Melbourne University (Double method in classroom and instrumental music). He has worked as a classroom teacher in a range of schools and has also enjoys teaching maths.

As a father he loves to see the sparkle of music in his own children and how they are naturally drawn to move and respond to music in the home. He has fond memories of his own first music lessons in primary school and is forever grateful for being given the gift of music and the opportunity to share it with others.